Friday, August 30, 2013


The other day I saw this e-card that said, "We've been friends for so long I rely on your memory more than I do my own."  And another one that said, "If my memory were any worse I'd be able to plan my own surprise party"

These describe my life perfectly.  For real, I have one of the worst memories ever.  Ask the Hubs.  I try to remember to tell him things, however, if I tell someone else first all I remember is that I've told someone and I assume it's him.  Then he doesn't find out about it til much later.  This causes the Hubs much frustration, understandably so.  Thankfully, he's also very forgiving.  On the other hand I'll also tell him things 3 or 4 times in order to make sure I've told him.  Ugh!  It's a good thing I married a man that is patient!

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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