Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our 4th of July Activities (Yes, I know yesterday was the actual 4th of July)

Yesterday, our little family had a great day.  First, the Hubs took the kids to breakfast and let me sleep in!  (Swoon) After my loves all came home, we left and went to see Finding Dory.  It was cute.  Next, we came home and napped!  Yay! For nap time!!  Finally, I took the kids to see a fireworks display.  

They had never been to an actual big show, and man, did they love it!  They kept saying, "Wow!  That kind is my favorite!" and then another firework would go off and they would repeat the same sentiments.  It was so cute.  I've always loved firework shows.  Growing up my parents always took my siblings and I to a fireworks show every 4th of July.  It was tradition (it didn't hurt that there was a location that was roughly 10 minutes from home that did one every year for free).  

Though I've always loved watching fireworks shows, watching my kid's reactions to their very first one was so great!  It was almost as good as the show itself =).  Seeing life through a kid's eyes is so amazing.  It reminds me that we don't need all the "stuff" we fill our lives with.  Entertainment can be found in the simplest forms: Dirt piles, puddles, bubbles, side walk chalk, a hose, stars, clouds etc.  All we have to do is stop and open our eyes to the endless amounts of entertainment surrounding us every day.

Here is a picture of some of the fireworks we watched, although they didn't turn out very well...

 While we were driving home, I asked the kids if they knew why we celebrate the 4th of July every year.  Of course, because they're 7 & 5 they answered, "no".  I explained how our country used to be part of England and that the King of England was putting more and more taxes on the people here and it was making it hard for them. To this the kids exclaimed, "That King was just being selfish!  That's not fair!"  I finished by telling them that the people here in America didn't think it was fair either so they signed the Declaration of Independence saying that we were now our own country and didn't belong to England any more. 

I went on to tell them how the King didn't like that and sent an army over here to start a war to make us be part of England even if we didn't want to be.  The kids were horrified saying things like, "That King was soooo mean!"

I finished by telling the kids that our country won the war and the right to be a free country.  They started cheering and saying things like, "Wow!  That's so awesome!!", "Yes!", "Shew, yeah, we won!"  It was so amazing.  All together it was an awesome day.

Have a great day!
Ms. T

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