Thursday, June 30, 2016


The other day the kids and I were driving and Sweet pea was singing, "And Bingo was his name-o".  Occasionally she would get stuck on a part of the song and I would sing the part she didn't know and then she would pick right back up.  At one point in the middle of the song we have this conversation:

Sweet Pea: "Mommy, there is a cow that belongs to this song."  
Me: "No, baby, that is 'Old McDonald'."
SP: "No, Mommy, a cow belongs to it.  I heard it on my teacher's radio and his name is Black."
Me:  "Umm, ok, I've just never heard of a cow with this song."

At this point in the conversation Sweet pea is convinced that I have never heard of any animals but dogs.

SP: "Let me tell you there are giraffes, koala bears, bears..."

I was sitting in the front seat trying my hardest not to burst out laughing.  I just sat and listened to her recitation of different animals.  Silly munchkin =)

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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