Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bird Church

When I was a kid whenever we would pass a telephone wire with a lot of birds on it we would point out that the birds were having church.  I'm not really sure why we did that.  Anyway, it's what we did.  This silly little practice has carried over into my adult life.  I may not always voice it, but when I see a bunch of birds sitting on a wire I think, "oh look, those birds are having church."  You must understand though that this only applies to birds that are sitting on a telephone wire.  If it is a bunch of birds in a parking lot, or on the roof of a building or wherever else they're obviously just a bunch of birds.

Anyway, my munchkins have picked up on the saying.  Now, whenever Sweet Pea sees more than one or two birds sitting on a telephone wire she points out the "bird church".  The other day we were driving and Sweet Pea pointed out 3 or so birds and called it a bird church.  The Hubs looked up and said, "In my opinion that looks more like a bird Bible study.  There aren't enough to really be called a church."  This really cracked me up!  

I hope this brought a little smile to your face like it did mine.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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