Friday, January 8, 2016


Most of the days of Christmas break my kids have been required to do chores. *Gasp!*  I know, call DCF on me, my children are being HORRIBLY abused!  They have had to do things like:
- Put away their laundry
- Put away dishes from the dish washer
- Clean their rooms
- Clean the living and dining rooms

I can't believe they have survived!  

For real though, my kids are old enough to understand that in this family we all pitch in.  I am not their maid and their Daddy isn't their servant.  They may not be old enough to do any "big" chores, but they are old enough to learn that life is not a free ride.  Not to mention, the chores get done faster when we all chip in.  The jobs may not be done perfectly, but they are done, and that's what matters.

I used to bug me when the jobs weren't done just right, and I would go behind the kids and re-do their job when they weren't looking.  Well, guess what?  I totally am done with that mess.  I'm too exhausted to go back and re-do something that is already done.  If it's close enough (and the best they can do) then I'm happy.  If it's not the best they can do then THEY get to do it again.  I know, I'm a horribly demanding Mama.  

Have a great day!
Ms. T    

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