Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No More Nursery

We go to the early service at our church.  It is a relatively new offering.  The early service is roughly a year or so old.  Anyway, they didn't start off having a children's church, because they were waiting for it to grow some.  Firecracker sits with the Hubs and I in service while Sweet pea would go into the nursery. (The nursery was designed for children no older than 3 so Sweet pea was going to have to come into service with us in May, because she'll turn 4.)

Anyway, this last Sunday the early service had their first children's church.   So both kids got to go into children's church.  It was nice, but as I sat there in service I started to tear up.  I no longer have any babies in the nursery!  I've had at least one kid in the nursery for 6 years (on the 21st of this month).  It's an odd feeling.  It makes me a little sad to see how big my babies are getting.

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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