Friday, January 9, 2015

Is It Sleeping?

 While we were at my Father in law's house over Thanksgiving we had an interesting experience.  My Father in law's brother, Uncle Mont, came over.  Uncle Mont is an odd duck.  He loves to hunt and fish and just about every other red neck activity.  Uncle Mont lives in a world of his own.  In this world, everyone is extremely interested in his entire life story.  And everyone wants to see every animal/ fish that he has ever killed.

Anyway, while we were there Uncle Mont brought over a deer he had just killed and wanted help butchering.  He left the deer's head on the deck right out side the glass door of the dining room.  

Sweet pea looked outside and saw it.  She called me into the dining room and said, "Mommy!  Look!  Shhhhh it's sleeping!"

I looked at it, nearly swallowed my tongue, and said," hmmm, looks like it.  Let's go back in the living room...."


Have a great day!
Ms. T

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