Monday, January 19, 2015

I am Not Bob Vila

 Before Christmas, the Hubs and I picked up a new faucet for the kid's bathroom.  Then the Hubs got sick and didn't feel up to replacing it.  Now that the Hubs is back to work, his hours have been ridiculously crazy.  Last week he had several days that he didn't get home til after 10pm despite having started work at 5am.  (and by the way he is salary, not paid by the hour.  Let's just say his boss is a big fat jerk.)  Needless to say, the Hubs had neither the time nor the inclination to replace the faucet.

I decided the other day that I was going to try and conquer the faucet project all by myself.  Now, I get grand plans in my head from time to time, but they don't usually work out so well.  

I started in on the project sure that it was only going to take an hour or two.  Well, I encountered several issues I didn't anticipate. (of course you rarely anticipate troubles right?)  Anyway, by the next day I had the new faucet installed with no leaks!!!!  

I was soooo proud of myself.  I ended up calling my family and singing my own version of "we are the champions".  I sang it so much that Sweet Pea was running around the house singing, "my Mommy is a champion!" =)

Bob Vila better watch his back.  I'm on my way up, baby! :)

Have a great day!
Ms. T  


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