Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Turtle's Sense of Direction?

A few months ago, my older sister, Ree, my older brother, Mr. Pickles, his wife, our kids and I drove (not all of us were in the same vehicle.  Mr pickle and his crew drove separately.) a few hours north to meet my younger brother, Ham, his wife and kids at a mutual destination.  Ham and his family live very far from us, so when he was 6 hours away we drove 3 and he drove 3 to meet.

We all met at a park and let the kids run and play for awhile. After awhile we decided to leave and go get some dinner.  We were in a town that I didn't know how to get around in and I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction.  I was planning on following my brothers.  However, they got out of the parking lot before I did and I didn't see which way they had turned.  Before we got in the cars we had decided upon a place to eat and Mr. Pickles had commented how easy it was to get there.  Because of this I had figured I could at least deduce which direction they went and catch up to them.

I made a turn as I was calling Mr. Pickles. Once I told him where I was he told me I had turned the wrong direction. *Shocker* I was frustrated and ranted to my sister about my awful sense of direction.  This is the conversation that followed.

Me: See I have the stinkin' sense of direction of a turtle!
Ree: Umm I didn't know that turtles had a bad sense of direction?
M: Oh, well, I really don't know if they have a bad sense of direction, but it seems that the would.
Ree: Uh, ooookkaaaayyy?
M: Well, look at them.  They don't seem like they'd know where they were going.  They always seem to get into the worst predicaments.
Ree: I guess that is true.

Mind you this conversation was uttered around mouthfuls of giggles.

Have a great day!
Ms. T  

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