Friday, September 11, 2015

Explaining 9/11

Most people know that 9/11/01 was a horrendous day in America.  It is a day we all wish we could reverse and have never had happened.  However, it did happen and we have to face that.  And those of us that are teachers have the awful job of explaining just what happened that day.

In our teacher prayer meeting that we have half an hour before school starts every day, one of the staff members brought up the fact that this is the first generation that was not alive, or were only infants during the attack on the Twin Towers.  I had not thought about it like that.  I knew our class needed to have time set aside today to talk about what happened that day.  But once she said that I realized just how important it is to explain exactly what happened and why it happened.  Even while I'm sitting here writing this I am thinking of things that I should have shared with my class.

I decided to show the class this video.

 How heart wrenching and devastating is that?  I still can't believe it.  All those people lost their lives senselessly.  

Once we got home, Firecracker began talking about big towers that collapsed.  He wanted to know what happened.  So we had a pretty lengthy chat (at least a long chat for a 6 year old).  When I told him that the terrorists crashed the planes on purpose his eyes grew wide and he looked horrified.  "Why would they do that, Mommy?" He asked me.  And unfortunately, I had to explain that some people hate us just because of where we live.  It was a hard conversation to have for both of us.  I don't think he completely comprehended it all, which I think is a good thing, if he understood it completely he probably would never stop worrying. ( My little man is a very sensitive soul when it comes to things like this.)

What a horrible lesson to have to teach.  I hate it.  I hate that it even happened and it mars our country's history.

Always Remember,
Ms. T

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