Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank You, Coke

Have you ever heard about the My Coke Rewards program?  Basically, if you save the lids of your coke bottles or the tear away section of your 12 packs and enter the codes found there you earn points.  These points can be cashed in for all kinds of prizes.  Somethings are small others you can save up for are big.

The Hubs and I have used this program for years.  Over the years we have gotten all kinds of cool prizes.  From free 12 packs all the way up to a 50.00 Nike gift card. (The gift card was actually won from a sweepstakes).

The most recently, the Hubs and I cashed in our points and got 2 free movie tickets.  Not only did we get the tickets, we also got 2 large drinks and a large popcorn.  When I did the math it would have been around a 40 to 50 dollar date that we got for free!!

Thank you, Coke!

Have a great day!
Ms. T 

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