Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Six With a Dot

During the summer we have a rule in our house.  You may get out of your bed and turn on your t.v. when your clock says 6 with a dot (the dot indicates a.m.).  And when your clock says 7 with a dot you may come and get Mommy out of her bed.

This rule was initiated last summer, because Firecracker was getting up earlier and earlier.  It was to the point where he was waking me up at 5 a.m.  I was NOT cool with this at all and thus the six with a dot rule was born.  

I placed a digital clock in his room and covered the back two numbers with a piece of paper.  It works out splendidly!  Well, this summer it is Sweet pea's turn to learn the rule.  To be honest, I never thought she would need to learn the rule at all because she is a sleep hound.  She sleeps well, and she sleeps in.  My guess is that she had just gotten used to the early morning schedule of school and just has to get readjusted.  

It's a great little system we've got going on!  The kids think it's awesome that they can control their own t.v.s for a little while, and Mommy thinks it's great to get to sleep til 7 instead of 5.  (Actually, it's more like 7:30, because I fudge their clocks and set them 30 minutes behind... Don't judge me!  We're all a happy family when Mommy gets her sleep!)

Have a great day!
Ms. T   

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